2021 Greeley Park Art Show Winners

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In spite of only being able to hold the show for one day due to the remnants of a hurricane, the show was a huge success.  This year we had two Best in Show awards given, one of which is the amazing artwork by Monique Sakellarios entitled “Prelude”.  

Show Place                               Name                                     Title                                                                      


Best in Show

Monique Sakellarios



Best in Show                             Tina Gagnon                               “Popinjay”


1st PlaceOil

Luci Lesmerises

“Oranges and Pitcher”


1st Place – Acrylic                      Zoe Brook                              “Spirit Animal Series: Flamingo”


1st Place – Watercolor

Charles Mooradian

“Past Treasurers”


1st Place – Drawing/Ill.            Hsiu Norcott                               “Tiger”


1st Place – Photo/Dig Art

Jayson Gleneck

“Burnt Pallett”




1st Place Mixed Media

Marilene Sawaf         

“Immigrants & Cat Woossy”



1st Place – 3-D                            David Bower                        “Cherry/Maple Lidded Bowl”

2nd Place – Oil                           Deb Wolf                               “Marsh”


2nd Place – Acrylic

Jessica Perez

“Pier into the Past”



2nd Place – Watercolor

Heather Crowley

“Igniting the Flame of Compassion”


2nd Place – Photo/Dig Art    Chris Bower                          “Spooked #2”


2nd Place – Mixed Media

Jessica Walsh

“Stand at the Shore”


2nd Place – 3-D                        Anthony Coppola               “The Catch – Pine”


3rd Place – Acrylic

Ian Bailey                             

“Luna Arpege”


3rd Place – Acrylic

Katarina Young

“Pinkham Notch, NH”


3rd Place – Watercolor            Irene Goddu                     “Lakeside Birches at Sunapee”

3rd Place – Photo/Dig Art      Suzanne Blanchard       “Springs Eternal”