Our Artists

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Sara Steffensmeier

I see painting as a search; scouting out major objects and intersections and defining their relation to one another. I see similarities between this search and the hypnotic pull that maps have on us, as if grasping the “lay of the land” will help us solve a great puzzle. I feel that in one way or another, we’re all compelled to observe the world around us, define its meaning, and find our place within the landscape. I begin my process by observation, looking for the structure of natural forms. I use this as a loose “map” to guide me through process of the painting. I then break apart these pieces by using collage, thick lines, and color to create a new space. My current work is an exploration of new ways to fit my pieces back together. I am incorporating new media that plays on the intersection of the natural and man-made. It is my intention to create small worlds with nooks and crannies for the viewer to explore

Ryan Flynn

Ryan Flynn is an artist based out of Merrimack, NH. Primarily working in oils, Ryan's style is heavily based on the symbolism and style of the renaissance, mannerism and baroque movements in art history. His subjects typically symbolize philosophical ideas and concepts that are found in a wide variety of organizations including Freemasonry.

Lauren Alana

I began my jewelry making journey over twenty years ago, it started with a love of things that sparkle and some fishing line. Fast forward through the years, many experiments, classes and much growth in design and skill I am still constructing wearable art that more often than not sparkles! The ocean inspires me, and you can see that in the colors that I use the most. I call them mermaid colors. Like the ebb and flow of the waves, my work is always changing. I strive to always keep changing my designs, and advancing my skills. I love the dichroic glass because I would not be able to ever make the same piece twice. Only the finest components are used in my jewelry including sterling silver, Swarovski Crystal and genuine sea glass.

Beth Ashton

Art was a wonderful outlet for me as a child and still is today. I am a passionate supporter of art education for the many benefits that art education provides to students. I continue to explore art mediums and methods to benefit myself and my students. After discovering that art was my strength in elementary school, I knew that art would be part of my future. I was fortunate enough to earn a small scholarship to help toward my studies at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire where I earned a BA in graphic design and a Master's degree in art education. While working toward my undergraduate degree, I had the privilege of a study abroad in Seville, Spain. My journey has been a long one, interrupted with a salaried manager's position in retail for over 10 years. A recurring dream encouraged me to enroll in a Master's of art education program at Plymouth State. I am now teaching art to adults and K-8. One of my dreams is to own a home by the ocean where I can paint the waves. Another is to create acceptance for those suffering of or as a result of mental illness. I was raised with my younger sister and brother by a mother with schizophrenia.

Hayley L. Atwood

Hayley is a young aspiring artist who is working on perfecting her skills in order to become a professional artist. While she dabbles in many different mediums, her main work focuses on pen and ink illustration. Hayley was born and raised in Vermont and currently resides in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Debbie Auclair

Each of my abstract paintings evokes the feelings of beauty, joy, and healing that I experience while out in nature. My paintings are spontaneous and organic, and I have no fixed plan when I begin a painting. I paint intuitively and what emerges on the canvas comes from deep within my soul, and each piece is highly emotional and spiritual. I build layer upon layer, and once dry, I respond to what is working and only then do I add the next layer, adding and subtracting colors and markings with each layer. Some paintings come together quickly, others can take ten to twelve layers until I am satisfied that the piece is cohesive enough to call it finished.

Jacqueline Barry

Presently living in New England has traveled extensively. Her father was an accomplished artist and her mother was a published writer, therefore, being exposed to the various forms of art, it was natural to gravitated to both the visual arts and the written word. While writing came easy and sketching was fun, trying to find the perfect fit in the visual arts took some time. After much experimentation she discovered the world of pastels – vibrant, captivating and fortunately very forgiving. She first studied landscapes under pastelist Linda Obremski and what better place than in New England to study landscapes. She previously studied the art of fine detail in still lifes under the guidance of Mary Ellen Brown.

Laura Barry

A New England native, she’s been dabbling in the arts since childhood. Starting off with a pencil and paper, her art had gradually evolved. Versed in drawing/illustration and oil paintings, her true interest remains with both photography and digital art. Wanting to capture what nature had provided most, her photography focuses on landscapes, with the majority of her work revolving around New England iconic scenery. Currently, Ms. Barry is working as part of the NAAA as both their Webmaster and Newsletter Editor.

Hilda Bennett

Mrs. Bennett was born in Berlin, Germany and now resides in Pepperell, Massachusetts.  Art has always been her favorite subject and, after a successful business career, she has concentrated on watercolor painting.  Through her paintings, she wants to share what is close to her heart – the beauty of nature.  Inspiration comes from her backyard “friendship garden”, a garden grown from cuttings given to her by many friends. Although she loves to paint florals and landscapes, she has also been painting “house portraits” on commission.  Mrs. Bennett also teaches watercolor painting.  During the summer months, Mrs. Bennett exhibits her paints in “Art-in-the-Park” shows.  She has received many awards for her vibrant art.  She is a member of the Nashua Area Artists Association and the Hollis Art Society.

Dana Benoit

Martha Bergstrom

Through her jewelry, New Hampshire native Martha Bergstrom combines her interest and love of gemstones into wearable pieces of art. “I enjoy working with metals and gemstones,” says Martha, “and find satisfaction out of designing a piece of jewelry that someone will love as much as I do.” Gemstone Wrapture jewelry features some of the treasures of the earth … delicate in appearance yet durably wire wrapped in 14k gold filled, sterling silver, copper wire or a combination of metals. Each piece is designed to enhance the beauty of the gemstone.

Suzanne Blanchard

My passion for art has been always with me although its taken me until now to pursue it in a public form. I am a photographer, digital artist as well as a abstract painter who enjoys creating works with recycled and found objects. such as hubcaps.

Diane C. Bluff

Chris Bower

While on a safari to celebrate my retirement as an engineer in 2008, my enthusiasm for photography was rekindled. The beauty of Africa was the catalyst for my interest in nature photography. I specialize in African landscapes and wildlife from multiple photo safaris in Tanzania and Kenya in east Africa and a recent month-long safari in several countries of South Africa. Recent trips to Italy and Iceland provided new subjects and landscapes to challenge me. I try to capture animals in their natural environment and reflect their interaction with their offspring and other animals. Many of my animal images convey their essence as well as reflect "human" emotions. Photo editing software has also helped me to present a more artistic interpretation. Three of my African wildlife photographs were rated "Highly Honored" in past Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards competition. Another photo was selected for the cover of the African Wildlife Foundation annual calendar. My photo of "Baboon Eyes" was chosen for the cover of a mystery novel recently published in Cape Town, South Africa. When I am not in Africa, I can be found capturing local wildlife, seascapes, cityscapes, nightscapes and people of New England and abroad. I am self-taught and have learned from studying the images of Ansel Adams, Ernst Haas, Elliot Porter, David Muench, Frans Lanting and others as well as getting a little help from my friends. I just keep shooting, editing and learning through trial and error. Contact information: chris.bower@comcast.net (603) 557-4128 www.betherephotography.com

David Bower

One adult education class years ago at the Merrimack High School in NH and I became hooked on wood turning. It’s definitely a good form of stress relief and I enjoy making one of a kind creations. I usually start out with a generic plan in place but each piece of wood is unique and I am guided by the wood itself that allows the true beauty of the wood within to shine through in the finished piece. I prefer working with woods that have some extra character, whether it happens to be a Burl or some sort of wood that contains the fine black lines of spalting, or maybe a piece of maple that shows the silvery trails left behind of the beetles that once roamed through the hard wood. One never knows what might be next on the list of things that I might create as it is usually the wood that helps decide the next direction to take.

Michael Brazao

Martha Brooks

Colby Brown

Colby B. Marron began his career as an artist as an experimental rapper (“Idiot Savant”), but began to tailor his talents towards representing his ideas about art and culture visually rather than by sound. Originally from Rancho Cucamonga, California, he began to develop new techniques based upon the practices developed to make hip hop music, and harbors a polite obsession with trying to mirror hip-hop’s nature visually - especially since modern rap poetry is akin to modern art in more ways than not. “There lies an abundance of sound sculpture, poetry castles, bunkers, dungeons, songs defying essays, manifestos that scream, and auto-fiction that can compete with the likes of James Joyce...” Marron’s visual technique relies on improvisation, lyricism, remixing, re-appropriation, and the nonchalant defiance of norms. If Marron could do one thing, it would be to synthesize a more nuanced understanding of his favorite artwork through his own. . He himself is largely influenced by the artwork of Jackson Pollock, Jean Michael Basquiat, Willem De Kooning, Rammelzee, and the many other known and unknown street artists that can be seen inside and outside of museums. He focuses primarily on abstract paintings, in which he likes to explore American society and culture particularly as a phenomenon of self-creation, taboo, identity conflicts, multi-culturalism, everyday heroism, spiritual unrest and colorful ambition, all of which he sees reflected thoroughly throughout the hip-hop tradition.

Grace Brown

I'm Grace Brown, currently a student at Plymouth State University majoring in Art History.  I have a wide range of interests in the arts with fashion being my current passion, and presently in my creative journey it feels natural for me to begin to display and sell art-work that I have created.

Nancy Christopher

I have been painting off and on since the age of twelve, always hoping to spend more time toward my passion and that someday I would be considered an artist. I am self-taught and have played with many mediums but find oil to be my favorite. I love the richness of texture and color. I am intrigued to paint any subject, such as still life, landscape, coastal/marine, and floral. Plein air painting is my favorite classroom, but most of my work is done in the studio from memory or photographs. I am not focused on one style or subject, rather always learning. While painting, I am lost in the moment. There is nothing greater than when one sees your creation and feels a connection and joy. I am drawn to the works of Monet and Sargent, along with many others, and love to visit galleries whenever possible.

Lisa Ciaccia

I’m a self-taught artist working in acrylics and instant coffee. My studio is located in the beautiful town of New Boston in NH. Although I paint a multitude of different subject matter, my preferred is landscapes and seascapes. I paint many subjects using instant coffee which not only gives an aromatic delightful scent in the process, it also gives a beautiful sepia tone. I am an Artist member and exhibit with the Whistler House Museum of Art located in Historic downtown Lowell, Massachusetts.

Rachel Cochran

I love art. My mother’s side of the family have painted and sketched for generations, so naturally I picked it up when I was little. Through my childhood and preteen years I attended public and private art classes. Although my passion for art took a bit of a backseat during high school, it resurfaced in my early twenties after I graduated from Plymouth State College and enrolled in weekly non-credit oil painting courses with my mother at NHIA in Manchester. My earlier paintings were mostly of boats on the ocean. My eyes were drawn to the high contrast of lights and darks, the beautifully curved and foreshortened shapes, and the tranquility and reflective quality of the bodies of water. I have developed my own style over the years. I enjoy using multicolor brush strokes to add dimension and interest in reflective surfaces and skies. I usually paint on smaller canvases, so I don’t get bored. I am a hobbyist painter, and I am always looking to educate myself and learn from professional artists in the area. I enjoy visiting art museums and artist homesteads. Currently, my favorite artists are Maxfield Parrish and John Singer Sargent.

Diane Colangelo

Tammy Carlson

Everything I see around me is a possible subject for my photos. Most of my photos are taken in my own back yard. They are usually familiar objects, but interpreted from my own point of view. I hope my art will inspire and encourage folks to stop and take a closer look and admire the nature and world around them and take in that one small detail that could turn their day around.I am a singer/songwriter, photographer and poet and I try to infuse these ideas into my songs and writing. My art and music can be found at tammyjann.com

Jennifer Cook

I started painting in 2011 when I moved to New Hampshire from North Carolina by taking Kevin Dadoly’s watercolor night class at Sohegan High School. I find such peace when I paint.

Courtney Cortez

Mary Crump

Leandra DeAgazio-Martins

I am a 21 year old artist, I have been making art for 14 years, and through out the years I have advanced to new ways for art making. Starting with traditional art, I’ve been doing since I was about 6, I’ve been doing digital art for 7 years and my progress has shown I’ve come a long way. As proud of myself I am, I want to be able to show everyone my skill and maybe try to get myself out there more!

Toni DeRuntz

Corinne Dodge

Elena Ferdinand

My work is intuitive mostly. I start with one or two colors and let the medium take me on an adventure. It is the only time I am comfortable not having direction. While I practice a broad range of art techniques, my passion is for abstract painting, mark making, and collage. I love to incorporate my customized digital, mono-print, and free hand, collage elements into my work. In fact, a majority of my pieces will include a combination of the three. Some of my favorite mediums are heavy-body and liquid acrylic paints, India ink, and water-soluble crayons and pencils.I create to provoke thought and emotion you wouldn’t necessarily think or feel otherwise. I am intrigued by the vast differences between extremes and strive to capture them in my work. The intense need to push myself out of my perfectly proportioned and symmetrical comfort zone motivates me to create on a daily basis. My inspiration comes from intricacy and simplicity and order and chaos (in life and art). It comes from places and objects that boast playful proportions, high contrast, vibrancy, and complimentary color palettes. It comes from the art community and the many talented artists I’ve been lucky enough to meet and know. My collections are not just works on paper, they are conversation pieces. They encourage fun and positive social interactions and inspire artistic perspective.

Patti Ferron

Patti is an internationally collected artist living in the Boston and Sarasota areas. Passionate about art, she is involved in art groups in and around the areas she lives. Finding inspiration from art masters both old and new, her greatest influence has been the Dutch masters where exquisite detail and realism was their art form. Patti enjoys the abundance of nature and it is evident in her many floral paintings as well as landscapes. Patti has received numerous awards​​ for her work and has been featured in many publications and news articles. Additional information can be obtained here. Please contact Patti with any questions and/or pricing information.

Ken Fiery

Nancy Frey

Tina Gagnon

Margaret Gay Garneau

Irene Goddu

Ivy Glover

A self taught artist born in the Philippines, currently living in New Hampshire. It has taken time for her to discover her own individual style and continues to experiment on different brush strokes, color blends and multiple mediums. She found inspiration from the five different countries she has lived and the many others she has visited, with each painting becoming an expression of the experiences in her journey to discovery. She does commissioned works, mostly abstract and anything that is about nature with a mixture of modernism.

Ken Gidge

Crystal Gillis

Art is the most beautiful contribution humans make. It can touch the soul, lift spirits, and inspire change. To take part in its creation or be its recipient is to grasp a bright snippet of heaven. Surround yourself within it, and you shall find happiness, no matter what your circumstance. Beauty to me: Traditional styles, and people who see beauty in everything, everyone, everywhere. I am a 45 year old student at MCC (thank you for offering Fine Arts, MCC!) I'm from Salem, Massachusetts, but have been living in Manchester, NH for the past 20 years, just a 5 minute drive from heaven, aka. the Audubon-with my husband and four children and miniature Schnauzer, Austin

Jayson Gleneck

Kenneth Harvey

Ken Harvey received his initial formal training in art while studying architecture at Pratt Institute in New York City. Courses included color theory, composition, and other training that was directly transferable to photography. This set the stage for his appreciation of all forms of visual art. A subsequent course in cinematography provided additional insight that proved to be invaluable. People have asked him what kind of photography he does. That is a hard question to answer because his interests are so diverse. His work tends to concentrate on landscapes and wildlife photography, but his images also include portraits, action, and creative images. He says that the subject matter is only part of the formula for the images that interest him; the lighting, composition, and drama are also vitally important. His award-winning work has been featured in many venues, newspapers, magazines, and multiple solo exhibits. In addition to presenting his work at art shows, he also gives lessons and conducts photo tours.

Patricia Harding

My photographs are generally ordinary every day objects that we pass every day. While we often see them we don't really look at just how extraordinarily beautiful our world is. Flowers are a common subject as they are easier to work with than people :-). I absolutely enjoy showing others that "beauty is all around if we open our eyes to see".

David Harris

Lucille Heikkila

Patricia Hurd

Alfred “Chief” Johnson

These oil paintings tell a story of the once-familiar viewed in new context and form. The canvas records actual scenes of New England, conveying the mystery and joys of travel and fresh vision. The earth “breathes” in and out with compositions that bend with a heaving shape. Skies are majestic in wide-angle vision.

Daryl D. Johnson

These oil paintings tell a story of the once-familiar viewed in new context and form. The canvas records actual scenes of New England, conveying the mystery and joys of travel and fresh vision. The earth “breathes” in and out with compositions that bend with a heaving shape. Skies are majestic in wide-angle vision.

Barry Jordan

I am a retired Elementary School Teacher. I have always been interested in art. Oils, Acrylics, and watercolors are a few of the mediums I have worked with. Landscapes and old rusty trucks are my interest. I have done some commission work, but paint mostly what interest me.

Lois Kilberg

Creating meaningful gifts of art through handcrafted 3D interactive maps and watercolor paintings.

Susan King

Kala Kumar

James Lambert

Meredith Landry

Madeleine LaRose

Mary Leger

Robert LeRoy

I am a Seventy-four year old self taught artist who started painting with Acrylics four years ago after retiring from Cosmetology for fortyy-four years. My works include "Landscapes, Animal life and Portraits". I reside in the city of Nashua, N.H. with my wife Mary Ann of twenty-three years. My other interests include fishing, watching the Patriots and RedSox and what the outdoors and nature have to offer.

Luci Lesmerises

Barbara Lester

I am a mostly self –taught glass artist. After many years of doing semi-precious stone jewelry I took a fused glass class and was hooked! Glass is an interesting medium as often your results are not what you expected, yet beautiful in its own way. Many hours of experimentation brings unique works of art glass. Over the years my skill level and technique has grown and yet there is so much more to learn. I have taken classes in person and webinars from some of the best glass teachers in the world. Besides NAAA, I am a member of New Hampshire Made, which promotes local artists. My work has been featured in several industry catalogues and one piece is to be featured in a worldwide calendar for the coming year.

Tracy Levesque

Jesse MacMaster

I have been living in Nashua for 15 years with my musician husband and our 12 year old daughter, and am currently a full time elementary Art Teacher in Derry, NH. I have been involved in the arts for as long as I can remember, growing up dancing in Wilton, NH and then narrowing my focus to the visual arts when I was in high school. I attended Bradford College in Haverhill, MA, and the University of Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada receiving my B.A. in Creative Arts, and then later my M.Ed at Rivier College. My love of nature can be found in nearly all of my work, this current series is inspired by my love of fiber. Several Fruit and vegetables are mended with the patching technique, darning , and then fruit can be seen morphing together becoming one. When I am not teaching I can be found working in my sketchbook, crocheting, reading, and spending as much time as possible outside biking and running.

Emily Marchand

Painting will always be the expression of my joy and happiness. My feelings and emotions become a reality on a canvas. It's beauty in the simplest form; nature and the elements: earth, air, fire and water. The inspiration for my art varies from painting to painting. It could be the beauty of the place I'm in, a song that's playing, or the feelings I'm having in that moment. Growing up in Milford, New Hampshire I spent most of my time in the great outdoors. Whether it be in the woods of my neighborhood or at the coast. I have always loved spending time in nature. I took art classes in public school and experimented with many different mediums; acrylic, watercolors, pastels, and pottery. It was not until, at least, 18 years later that I picked up a paint brush again. I reside in New Hampshire where I pull my creativity and love for art from my life and nature.

Catherine McDonah

Kyle Massie

Bill McInerney

I've always have had a deep and passionate interest in drawing, and painting. My dad was a textile colorist and I think this is why i have such an interest in colors. At 13 i studied water coloring at the Boston MFA. Then at 14 had a nasty eye accident ending an art career for decades. With time and decades later my vision improved and I took many night classes at Mass Art in Boston, printmaking, oils design, painting, drawing etc. I consider myself a amateur. I try to draw daily and paint more frequently. I want to get back to printmaking.I'm married & have 4 children. Presently I work full time as an alcohol and drug counselor.

Teresa Moler

Kathy Meighan

Charles Mooradian

Cynthia Morgan

I am primarily a self-taught artist born in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York and now living in Nashua New Hampshire. I have had some training and have also learned techniques from other artists I have known. Living and traveling in different areas of the country, I have found beauty everywhere. For the thirty plus years that I have been painting, I’ve used oils, watercolors and most recently, acrylics. The inspiration for my paintings comes from the beautiful scenery that is all around us. I enjoy bringing a comforting and familiar feeling to the viewer – to bring back a memory.I thank my mother and grandfather for this inherited artistic talent and also thank my family and friends for the encouragement and motivation they’ve given me and hope to share the world I see through my paintings with them, and those I have not yet met.

Wendy Mulligan Steckler

I use my camera to share the unique stories in the landscapes found around my New England town that are often overlooked and go unnoticed. Sometimes hidden within the modern, there is still evidence of a footprint dating from the revolutionary war. I celebrating the simple beauty of our past by creating images of farms, open fields and historic structures that hold our stories.

Martha Munroe

Howard Muscott

Howard Muscott has photographed nature, landscapes and wildlife for more than four decades. Grounded in his early years of hiking, backpacking, and mountain climbing, Howard's love for nature photography is fueled by the exquisite beauty of the natural world and wildlife. “The ideal photograph tells a story that speaks directly to the heart and moves people to self-reflection. It combines one’s vision for the image with the best natural, ideally golden light, and requires both persistence and opportunity.” Self-taught, Howard has had more than 25 individual and 40 group shows highlighting among other things autumn colors, Southwestern peoples and light, the mountains of Alaska, Colorado and the Pacific Northwest, and wildlife. Howard’s work has been published on the cover of national journals in education, in newspapers and books, and used on educational and other websites. Howard was the featured artist at the 34th Annual Beaver Brook Fall Festival in 2014. He has won numerous awards for both wildlife and portraits including most recently, Best in Show four years in a row for his Snowy Owl in Flight, Black Bear in a Storm, Great Gray Owl Flying into the Golden Light, and Prayerful Owl at Beaver Brook Association. He is currently the chairperson of the High School Scholarship program at the Manchester Artist Association. His work can be found on his website at www.chasingthegoldenlight.com and at various stores, galleries, and office buildings around NH.

Claude Nivens

Hsiu Norcott

James O’Donnell

Rita Pelland

Sandra J Peters

Sandra Presley

Kate Pritchard

Sarah Roche

Rollande Rousselle

Christine Ryan

Monique Sakellarios

Monique creates original oil paintings of landscapes, gardens, and market scenes in the impressionist style. She studied at the Leonardo Da Vinci School of Art, and the American University, both in Cairo, Egypt. Monique exhibits in national competitions and has won numerous awards for her oil paintings. She is a juried member of the New Hampshire Art Association, a Signature Member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, and a Signature Member of Oil Painters of America. Monique’s paintings may be seen in several galleries throughout the US. In addition, Monique has an impressive list of corporate clients.

Marilene Sawaf

Lara Seagull

Stacy Topjian Searle

Stacy Topjian Searle is a pen and ink landscape artist from Nashua, New Hampshire who works exclusively in black and white. Searle began her art education at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston Massachusetts. She later earned a BA in Art from the University of Lowell, Lowell Massachusetts, where her focus was on Illustration. Stacy uses on-site sketches and photographs as references for her work. She begins by laying out the general composition of a piece in pencil. Once a composition is in place, ink is applied to create a contour drawing of the scene. Detail is developed through her unique blend of cross hatching, contour lines, parallel lines, stippling and scrumbling techniques to create the mood of each piece. While Creation inspires most of her work, she also draws old barns and farmland that is very much a part of life in New England. Stacy is an award-winning juried artist and is a member of the Nashua Area Artists Association. She has participated in Nashua’s Art Walk and has exhibited in group exhibitions at ArtHub Gallery in Nashua, NH, Beaver Brook in Hollis, NH, the Whitty Gallery in Hollis, NH, the Brush Gallery in Lowell, MA, the ALL Gallery in Lowell, MA, Angles and Art Gallery in Haverhill, MA, The Fitchburg Art Museum in Fitchburg, MA, and Uforge Gallery in Boston, MA.

Gregory B. Searle

Gregory B. Searle is a digital computer artist from Nashua, New Hampshire with a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the University of Lowell (now U-Mass at Lowell) and a computer programming background. He combined these seemingly opposing skill-sets to create unique computer-generated “fractal” imagery using his own custom computer code. This allows him to explore a whole world of mathematically-generated imagery, carefully crafting the limitless parameters to produce one-of-a-kind, high-quality fractal prints. The word “fractal” roughly means “fractional dimensions,” referring to the mathematical tendency of a fractal shape to form somewhere “between” classical geometric dimensions. Fractals are created by iterating a mathematical formula, geometric progression, or another repeating process to generate an increasingly complex, often beautiful result. The “art” is in the selection of parameters, colors, and forms to build aesthetically-pleasing and visually-stimulating imagery. Greg only prints one single-edition print for every work. The final image is printed through a photo service on high-quality photo paper. Everybody each sees something different in these images, as they are purely abstract and non-representational. Greg is a juried artist and a member of the Nashua Area Artist Association. He has exhibited in the Arts League of Lowell gallery, the Nashua Area Artists Association ArtHub gallery, the Nashua Public Library, the Angles and Art gallery in Haverhill, and online at the Light Space and Time gallery. He received “Special Merit” and “Special Recognition” at the Light Space and Time gallery. For more information on fractals and the artist, please see his web site, www.fractalartdesign.com. This site and the fractal program it hosts were built from scratch without frameworks by the artist utilizing a code editor. The fractal program is under continuous development as the artist explores new techniques, and is freely accessible to anyone who would like to explore the fractal world.

Todd Sheehan

I originally started off in photography during high school. Later I would attend and graduate from the New York institute of photography. I chose to try painting on a whim and quickly fell in love with the freedom it offers. I still take pictures from time to time, but the canvas is really where I want to be. Love the journey.

Priscilla “Pat” Silva

Betty Singleton-Stall

I’ve grown up I a home with artists. My dad was a draftsmen and was impeccable in his drawings. My brother has been a plein air landscape artist for 45 years, and presently teaches art classes on Cape Cod and has a home gallery in Pocasset, Ma. I’ve taken several art classes and completed many years of course work at the Art Institute in Boston, the New England School of Art & Design, Montserrat School of Art, and other classes at museums. I consider myself an amateur artist with some talent but a lot to learn and improve on. I’d like to take some refresher drawing classes and try my brush at watercolor, a long time interest of mine. I’d like to be around other artists enjoying this wonderful creative expression.

Amber Snider

Jean Marie Thomas

Michael James Toomy

Pop Artist Michael James Toomy paintings possess a humanity and sensitivity rarely seen in contemporary art, giving a serious thought-provoking edge to his pop art style. His "Innocence" series of paintings convey the images of everyday people in extraordinary circumstances. Toomy has been painting and drawing since he was a child, but has received little professional artistic schooling, with the exception of some Saturday classes at the MFA Boston and continuing art education classes over the years. As a young man Michael spent several years as musician and songwriter and was heavily influenced by the power and ability of great songwriters to pen lyrics that listeners can identify with their own experiences, their past, or dreams. Michael has been involved with the Live Nations Rock & Art Charity Event in Boston, Massachusetts. where his portrait of musician Mark Knopfler was sold on-the-spot to the actress Glenn Close. He also created the Throwaway for Amnesty International Chapter, The Boston Firefly Project. Michael currently lives and works from his studio in New Hampshire. Michael’s work has been featured in galleries and numerous group and solo shows. The artist currently works out of his studio in New Hampshire with his wife and 2 children. See his web site at www.londonderryfineart.com.

William C. Turner

I paint the effects of time that has weathered and corroded these discarded machines that contributed to America’s growth and development in rural as well as urban areas. They helped build roads, farm fields, and carry supplies that help make our country great. I hope to immortalize them for future generations who may never hear or see them operate. Recently I have looked to classical art and mythology as inspiration for reinterpreting these works using machinery. I enjoy incorporating the past into contemporary art and find it engages the viewer to question and delve deeper into the meaning of the piece.

John Vey

Sydney Walker

My art works are kin to me. I love to connect my inner imaginative world with others’ worlds. I feel that the purity of this connection is the glue that binds humanity together. Art is my way of forming relationships, making connections, and expressing emotions.

Trevor Ward

I work on my oil paintings out of my studio in Merrimack, NH. My style is detailed realism, I paint a variety of subjects including landscapes, seascapes, and still life. I have also done some watercolors and animal portraits. I am mostly self taught, but I was very fortunate to be able to study for a few years with famous New Hampshire realist artist James Aponovich when he had studios in Nashua NH in the Chase building and then later at the Manchester Institute of Art.

John Albert Webster

Marcia K. Weiss

When I graduated from Cornell University, my singular goal was to go to NYC and become the Foods Editor of “The Ladies Home Journal”. Eventually, I became the Assistant Editor of of another magazine while studying for a master’s degree in Art Education at Columbia Teacher’s College. Marriage, a move to Nashua, NH, followed by the subsequent births of our two sons led to significant adjustments to my original career goal. I enrolled in the Manchester Institute of Art to study metal jewelry design. Always seeking new challenges, mine became how to incorporate glass beads in my metal designs. That led to many classes in lamp-work bead making, and eventually I studied the traditional bead weaving techniques from various parts of the world. My newest challenge has been to deconstruct all the learned and traditional rules and forms of flat, stylized beading and develop my own deconstructed style of “free-form, off-loom, needle woven designs.” My goal is to produce work that flows and moves, allows for blank, unfilled spaces and other subtle intricate manipulations to achieve a third dimension. My one-of-a-kind creations are known for my own, now easily recognized style.

Wendy Wetherbee

I am an artist and designer inspired and driven by nature and wildlife. The animals, birds, insects and special places in New Hampshire feature prominently in my work because it is my own personal habitat, and a large part of who I am. A native of the Granite State, I thrive in the woodlands and meadows, where I hike, study, and meditate. I try to take in each detail of those natural spaces which then fuels my inspiration and is reflected in my work. I studied Fine Art, Antique Process Photography, and Business at the SMFA/Tufts Boston. My work in metal began in the mid 1990s and I continue to work today primarily as a metalsmith, making hand fabricated jewelry using precious metals, copper and bronze. My pieces are typically nature themed and use unique, hand-chosen stones. I am a Juried Member of the Hollis Arts Society in Metals and Acrylic Painting. I am also founder of Wetherbee Creative in Derry, NH, an award winning, full-service design and marketing studio that helps businesses, non-profits and artists promote themselves and become successful.

Steven White

I am a recovering addict. I have been taking photos since I was 10 years of age. My first camera was a Polaroid Instant. I have no formal schooling in the field of photography, just a natural eye. Within the last year I have become a GettyImages contributor and started an online business with the assistance of my roommate who is a schooled fashion designer. I am looking to learn as much as possible from others and desire to use my photography as a way of reaching others that may have or may be struggling with finding their own true calling. I photograph many different types or styles of subjects that interest me. Most of what I shoot is in a natural setting. I like to shoot most things that people either tonight or from angles that others do not. This is what sets me aside or apart from others. I shoot with both my iPhone 7 Plus, Nikon 750 Full frame with a Tamron SP 24-70 f/2.8 Lens and my DJI MAVIC Air.

Harriet Winchester

Liz Winchester-Larson

Kimberly Witkoskie

Deb Wolf

I am a local Oil Painter from Tyngsborough, MA. I paint landscapes and seascapes inspired primarily from my imagination. My palette includes bold colors and a vivid contrast of light and shadow with the goal of producing an otherwise ordinary subject matter provocative to the eye.

Lydia Yates