Debbie Auclair

Artist’s Statement:

Each of my abstract paintings evokes the feelings of beauty, joy, and healing that I experience while out in nature. My paintings are spontaneous and organic, and I have no fixed plan when I begin a painting. I paint intuitively and what emerges on the canvas comes from deep within my soul, and each piece is highly emotional and spiritual.

I build layer upon layer, and once dry, I respond to what is working and only then do I add the next layer, adding and subtracting colors and markings with each layer. Some paintings come together quickly, others can take ten to twelve layers until I am satisfied that the piece is cohesive enough to call it finished.

My preferred medium is acrylic, but I am always experimenting with different mediums, as I continue to challenge myself as an artist.

Besides paint brushes, I use many unusual tools to create markings and add texture, but my absolute favorite painting tool is my fingers. I refer to my art as playful expression and most viewers have an emotional response to my work. I frequently have people tell me they usually do not like abstract art, but my work makes them feel happy after viewing. My goal is to continue to create art that expresses the deep connection that I feel outside in the natural world and is joyful and healing for the viewer.