Jonlyn Lippert

As an artist, I find inspiration in color and abstraction. I don’t paint to paint. I paint to express myself. I don’t limit myself to one medium or one style. Each work is a constant search to discover something new about myself. It might be something that only I know and understand. If something on the canvas is different than other paintings, so be it.

I’m inspired by almost everything. Nature, society, people, it doesn’t matter. My influences finds itself incorporated. I have no rigid structure in my paintings. It could be painted rapidly with no pause or it could be stretched out for days. There’s no set of rules or colors that I use. I’ve always loved art from the very moment I held a crayon in one hand and paper (sometimes a wall) in the other. There was something liberating about the concept of drawing what I wanted and how I felt with no boundaries. Its why I only really paint abstract art. There’s no boundary on how I can express myself with it.