Sara Steffensmeier

I see painting as a search; scouting out major objects and intersections and defining their relation to one another. I see similarities between this search and the hypnotic pull that maps have on us, as if grasping the “lay of the land” will help us solve a great puzzle. I feel that in one way or another, we’re all compelled to observe the world around us, define its meaning, and find our place within the landscape.

I begin my process by observation, looking for the structure of natural forms. I use this as a loose “map” to guide me through process of the painting. I then break apart these pieces by using collage, thick lines, and color to create a new space.

My current work is an exploration of new ways to fit my pieces back together. I am incorporating new media that plays on the intersection of the natural and man-made. It is my intention to create small worlds with nooks and crannies for the viewer to explore