Team Members Profile

Lauren Alana

I began my jewelry making journey over twenty years ago, it started with a love of things that sparkle and some fishing line. Fast forward through the years, many experiments, classes and much growth in design and skill I am still constructing wearable art that more often than not sparkles! The ocean inspires me, and you can see that in the colors that I use the most. I call them mermaid colors. Like the ebb and flow of the waves, my work is always changing. I strive to always keep changing my designs, and advancing my skills. I love the dichroic glass because I would not be able to ever make the same piece twice. Only the finest components are used in my jewelry including sterling silver, Swarovski Crystal and genuine sea glass.

Debbie Auclair

Wendy Ayotte

Wendy Ayotte is a mixed media artist who combines her love of recycled materials, collage, acrylic paint and text to create colorful art with uplifting messages and strong visual impact. Based in Milford, NH, she has shown her work locally in group and solo shows. She also teaches mixed media art, crafting and painting to adults and children of all abilities. Wendy exhibits and sells her work at

Jacqueline Barry

Presently living in New England has traveled extensively. Her father was an accomplished artist and her mother was a published writer, therefore, being exposed to the various forms of art, it was natural to gravitated to both the visual arts and the written word. While writing came easy and sketching was fun, trying to find the perfect fit in the visual arts took some time. After much experimentation she discovered the world of pastels – vibrant, captivating and fortunately very forgiving. She first studied landscapes under pastelist Linda Obremski and what better place than in New England to study landscapes. She previously studied the art of fine detail in still lifes under the guidance of Mary Ellen Brown.

Phil Bean

Nicole Belval

Hilda Bennett

Mrs. Bennett was born in Berlin, Germany and now resides in Pepperell, Massachusetts.  Art has always been her favorite subject and, after a successful business career, she has concentrated on watercolor painting.  Through her paintings, she wants to share what is close to her heart – the beauty of nature.  Inspiration comes from her backyard “friendship garden”, a garden grown from cuttings given to her by many friends. Although she loves to paint florals and landscapes, she has also been painting “house portraits” on commission.  Mrs. Bennett also teaches watercolor painting.  During the summer months, Mrs. Bennett exhibits her paints in “Art-in-the-Park” shows.  She has received many awards for her vibrant art.  She is a member of the Nashua Area Artists Association and the Hollis Art Society.

Suzanne Blanchard

Diane C. Bluff

Chris Bower

David Bower

One adult education class years ago at the Merrimack High School in NH and I became hooked on wood turning. It’s definitely a good form of stress relief and I enjoy making one of a kind creations. I usually start out with a generic plan in place but each piece of wood is unique and I am guided by the wood itself that allows the true beauty of the wood within to shine through in the finished piece. I prefer working with woods that have some extra character, whether it happens to be a Burl or some sort of wood that contains the fine black lines of spalting, or maybe a piece of maple that shows the silvery trails left behind of the beetles that once roamed through the hard wood. One never knows what might be next on the list of things that I might create as it is usually the wood that helps decide the next direction to take.

Katie Bower

Michael Brazao

Erica Carullo

Nancy Christopher

I have been painting off and on since the age of twelve, always hoping to spend more time toward my passion and that someday I would be considered an artist. I am self-taught and have played with many mediums but find oil to be my favorite. I love the richness of texture and color. I am intrigued to paint any subject, such as still life, landscape, coastal/marine, and floral. Plein air painting is my favorite classroom, but most of my work is done in the studio from memory or photographs. I am not focused on one style or subject, rather always learning. While painting, I am lost in the moment. There is nothing greater than when one sees your creation and feels a connection and joy. I am drawn to the works of Monet and Sargent, along with many others, and love to visit galleries whenever possible.

Lisa Ciaccia

I’m a self-taught artist working in acrylics and instant coffee. My studio is located in the beautiful town of New Boston in NH. Although I paint a multitude of different subject matter, my preferred is landscapes and seascapes. I paint many subjects using instant coffee which not only gives an aromatic delightful scent in the process, it also gives a beautiful sepia tone. I am an Artist member and exhibit with the Whistler House Museum of Art located in Historic downtown Lowell, Massachusetts.

Thomas Ciulla

Four years ago.....I was in a motorcycle accident.  To fight the pain, instead of meds, I found my soul and passion in art.  As a newbie I respect and am amazed in the art of the artists that is with this group and elsewhere.  I have much to learn and open to all forms - what once was pain had given me passion.

Carl Cooley

Heather Crowley

Mary Crump

Alec Danaher

Virginia Demers

Tina S. Gagnon

Nature & Nostalgia – those are the subjects that I am, pardon the pun, drawn to. I am a hyper-realistic artist and the "devil is in the details" – the more details, the better. The medium of colored pencil affords me the ability to hone in on that aspect. Nature has so many nuances to them that detail is imperative to capture the essence of a living being, whether it is flower or animal. Nostalgia also lends itself to detail. The more detail, the more the image will come alive for the viewer – evoking their own memories attached to that particular object in the drawing. After choosing what I will draw, I lightly sketch out an outline of my subject. I start by coloring light to dark. Building up the color in light layers, building up and building up until the color "pops". This is usually accomplished in five to six layers of color. When you think that the piece looks "dull", keep building – and it will come alive. I will work on one area of the drawing and finish that area before moving onto the next, establishing technique for the rest of the piece to follow. Patience, is the key to my art. Most pieces I spend about an hour per square inch. More complex pieces can be twice that time. It is not uncommon for a piece to have more than one hundred hours put into it.

Margaret Gay Garneau

Jayson Gleneck

Irene Goddu

Carol F. Gray

David Heath

David is owner and lead photographer of Studio Mark Emile in Nashua, New Hampshire. David specializes in family and event portraiture including high school seniors and athletes producing traditional portraiture along with a specialized product called "Sportraits". David also produces commercial product images for several manufacturers. David is always looking for new and unique methods of creating his art. David has studied with several photo artists including Joel Grimes of Phoenix, John Hartman of Stevens Point, Wisconsin, and Lyndsay Adler of NYC.

Cat (Catherine) Horn

Unicorn Crossing Art by Cat Horn Est 2019 - Cat Horn is an independent artist specializing in acrylic and watercolor painting. Inspired by animals, crystals, and colorful scenery, Cat often paints colorful pet portraits with magical backgrounds and realistic animals. The brand name ‘unicorn crossing’ refers to the idea of reality and fantasy coming together. While striving for realism, but still trying to take the viewer to a new world, Cat produces a wide variety of works in all colors of the rainbow. Prints and merchandise are available online through Society6, FineArtAmerica, and imagekind. Follow Cat on Instagram @unicorncrossingart Check out the Facebook Page @UnicornCrossingArt Email for information on custom commissions and pet portraits.

Patricia Hurd

Amy Jankovic

Alfred “Chief” Johnson

These oil paintings tell a story of the once-familiar viewed in new context and form. The canvas records actual scenes of New England, conveying the mystery and joys of travel and fresh vision. The earth “breathes” in and out with compositions that bend with a heaving shape. Skies are majestic in wide-angle vision.

Barry Jordan

Susan King

Ekaterina Klevtsova

Allow me to introduce myself briefly. I am a human, who happens to be channeling beauty of the Universe to canvas and photo paper (or should I say raw files in the age of digital photography). I was born in St- Petersburg, the one of the most artistic cities in the world. I was born in the family of physicians, who deeply believed were that art itself would not sustain or provide for living, but it is necessary to build a broadly educated and fully developed human being. I started to draw and paint in a very early age, but I always felt somehow “predestined” to be a doctor. An I became one… Twice. First in Russia, and then all over again here, in the US. I feel that medicine is an underestimated brunch of art, which allows to heal not only bodies, but also the souls. My passion to VISUAL art has been boiling in me for my whole life, and finally, I decided to let it out. I do not have any formal art education except 10-week acrylic painting course, which I took at the beginning of 2020. I am still learning. Every day. And further I go with a brush and easel, more I feel that that our world is the most beautiful place in the whole Universe. I feel that if I could inspire a single person with what I capture in my works, I may call my day completed.

Kala Kumar

James Lambert

Madeleine LaRose

A lifelong native of Nashua, NH, Madeleine has been drawing and painting since childhood. Although she has no formal training in fine art, she has benefited from instruction with various local artists over the years. Her earliest artistic attempts were limited to pencil sketches and copying published material. Later, she worked in watercolor and experimented with other media, such as pen and ink, charcoal, photo oils, and acrylics. Today, her primary media are pastels and acrylics. New England landscapes, and New Hampshire in particular, provide inspiration for much of her work. Flowers are especially enticing and form the basis of much of her work in pastels. Using photographs she has taken as her basis for inspiration, most of her painting is done in studio Madeleine has become an active member of the arts community in the Nashua area since her retirement from teaching English in the Nashua school system. An active member of the Nashua Area Artists’ Association, she regularly exhibits her work in their ArtHub Gallery at 107 West Pearl Street in Nashua.  She also holds membership in the Hollis Arts Society as a juried member, the Pastel Society of NH, and the Central Mass Pastel Society. In 2017, Madeleine was one of ten lead artists in the citywide arts project, Comeback Kitchen Table, sponsored by City Arts Nashua. In April of 2018, she was the Featured Artist of the Month at the NAAA ArtHub Gallery. Her work has been juried into numerous exhibits over the past three years at Grace Chapel Gallery in Lexington, MA. In November of 2018, her artwork was included in the NH Pastel Society’s national juried exhibit at the Discover Portsmouth Center. In winter of 2018-2019, she was one of six artists invited to exhibit in the Healing Arts Gallery of Monadnock Community Hospital. Her artwork is included in numerous private collections around the country.  “I try to depict the wonder of the world around us in my artwork. I strive to bring this sense of joy and awe to my audience, and I hope that they will connect to my experience.” Email: Facebook: Instagram: madeleine_larose

Robert Lembree

Luci Lesmerises

An artist for over 35 years, I attended classes at the New Hampshire Institute of Art and have studied under the tutelage of a number of local artists. I am a member of the New Hampshire Art Assoc., Monadnock Area Artist Assoc., Nashua Area Artist Assoc., and the Center for the Arts. I was an oil painting instructor for Bedford Parks and Recreation for 5 years and now teach in my studio in Bedford, NH. Oils is my preferred medium. My artwork has been recognized over the years with a number of awards and publications. Some of which to include: First and Third place in the Greeley Park Art Show; Second Place in the NH American Mother's Inc. National Art Competition; and First Place, Best in Show for my painting at the Sidewalk Art Festival in Portland, ME. Families First, Artist of the Seacoast selected my artwork for their Artists of the Seacoast calendar. I was a featured artist in the Bedford Journal and Bedford Bulletin publications. Also, an image of one of my paintings was published in the "Art of Motherhood" book of short stories by Covenant Communications, Inc. My work has been exhibited at the Robert L. Levy Gallery and The Children's Museum in Portsmouth, NH; Sunapee Fair, League of NH Craftsmen and The Fells Historic Estate and Gardens in Newbury, NH; East Colony Fine Art Gallery in Manchester, NH; The Nuance Gallery in Windsor, VT; and the Center for the Arts Micro Gallery at the New London Inn. Most recently, in 2019, I was one of three featured artists at the New London Hospital Art Program Exhibition.  My primary goal is to achieve a sense of realism in my composition by paying close attention to detail. Landscapes, still life, seascapes, and wild life define my work, but my inspiration lies in an appreciation of the natural beauty of the world's palette.

Barbara Lester

I am a mostly self –taught glass artist. After many years of doing semi-precious stone jewelry I took a fused glass class and was hooked! Glass is an interesting medium as often your results are not what you expected, yet beautiful in its own way. Many hours of experimentation brings unique works of art glass. Over the years my skill level and technique has grown and yet there is so much more to learn. I have taken classes in person and webinars from some of the best glass teachers in the world. Besides NAAA, I am a member of New Hampshire Made, which promotes local artists. My work has been featured in several industry catalogues and one piece is to be featured in a worldwide calendar for the coming year.

Tracy Levesque

Tracy Levesque is an acrylic painter who creates vibrant and textured landscape paintings reminiscent of stained glass. Filled with dimension and fairytale-like imagination, her work will sweep you away into Nature and the depths of your imagination. You can visit Tracy's studio at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, MA and you can see her work online at

Jonlyn Lippert

As an artist, I find inspiration in color and abstraction. I don’t paint to paint. I paint to express myself. I don’t limit myself to one medium or one style. Each work is a constant search to discover something new about myself. It might be something that only I know and understand. If something on the canvas is different than other paintings, so be it. I’m inspired by almost everything. Nature, society, people, it doesn’t matter. My influences finds itself incorporated. I have no rigid structure in my paintings. It could be painted rapidly with no pause or it could be stretched out for days. There’s no set of rules or colors that I use. I’ve always loved art from the very moment I held a crayon in one hand and paper (sometimes a wall) in the other. There was something liberating about the concept of drawing what I wanted and how I felt with no boundaries. Its why I only really paint abstract art. There’s no boundary on how I can express myself with it.

Ronald Marcoux

B. Catherine McDonah

From the age of eight, when I received my first camera, I have been looking at the world through a lens.  My interest in photography began with snapshots of my life - family, friends, travels, my children, the milestones they achieved, the adventures they embarked upon.  As my children became less will subjects, my attention focused on my environment, the obvious and the less so. I find beauty in objects often overlooked, a doorknocker, a window frame, a weed at the side of the road, a dilapidated boat. The philosophy to "stop and smell the roses" is one we should all embrace.  I strive, through art, to encourage one to take that moment.

Brenda McDougald

I am a photographer who is very passionate about rural New England landscapes, with many of my photos in and around Greater Nashua and Hollis.

Oliver McMahon

Kathy Meighan

Kathleen (Kathy) has been drawing and doodling since early childhood.   A Connecticut native, Kathy attended the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT.   While at UConn, she received instruction in Watercolor and Oil Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Art History, Graphic Design and Illustration.   She began her career working in various computer graphics positions, but over the past decade, has focused solely on hand-created art.   Kathy is a mixed-media artist who employs a diversity of materials and techniques in her work; from painted glassware, collage, and colored pencil, to pastels, acrylics, altered books, and most recently, photography.   “I begin nearly every new piece with a loosely-structured plan in mind.   As my work progresses, I allow the piece to marinate and to evolve”, Kathy says of her work. The resulting artwork often conveys a quirky, whimsical, and somewhat 'funky' vibe.   “A part of my soul, and personality goes into everything I make. Creating art has always been exciting, challenging, and very centering. It is most definitely, a labor of love,” Kathy says.   She was selected by the Nashua Area Artists' Association, to display her work in the Art Hub Gallery as Artist of the Month in January 2018.   Her collage entitled Birds of a Feather won an honorable mention at the NAAA juried competition 'Community' in May of 2018.

Teresa Moler

Charles Mooradian

Martha Munroe

Martha V. Munroe CA is a self-taught artist. Martha has lived in Hyde Park and Framingham MA and Ethiopia, Africa.  She now lives in Townsend MA and welcomes visitors to her studio there, by appointment. Influences are Looney Toons and Art Deco.  Interests are “what’s it all about” and UFO’s. She is a member of the Copley Society of Boston MA as a Copley Master; the Hollis Art Society, Hollis, NH; and the Nashua Area Artists’ Assoc. Nashua, NH. Since the beginning acrylics have suited her style of painting.  Martha uses large areas of solid colors and needs them to dry quickly so she can glaze on the next layer of color.  She prefers to use masonite instead of canvas which enhances the glazing effect.  She paints from visual and emotional stimuli. Sculpting with paper mache’ has been added to her talents since 2007.

Howard Muscott

Howard Muscott has photographed nature, landscapes and wildlife for more than 40 years. Grounded in his early years of hiking, backpacking, and mountain climbing, Howard's love for nature photography is fueled by the exquisite beauty of the natural world and the wildlife residing within their various ecosystems. "The ideal photograph tells a story that speaks directly to the heart and moves people to self-reflection. It combines one's vision for the image with the best natural, ideally golden light, and requires both persistence and opportunity." Self-taught, Howard has had more than 25 individual and 50 group shows highlighting among other things nature, autumn colors, Southwestern peoples and light, the mountains of Alaska, Colorado and the Pacific Northwest, and wildlife. Howard's work has been published on the cover of national journals in education, in newspapers and books, and used on educational and other websites. Howard was the featured artist at the 34th Annual Beaver Brook Fall Festival in 2014. He has won numerous awards for both wildlife and portraits including most recently, Best in Show at Beaver Brook Association four years in a row. He was recently honored as the 2019-20 Artist of the Year of the Manchester Artist Association. Howard is a lifelong special educator and retired professor who directs the New Hampshire Center for Effective Behavioral Interventions and Supports at SERESC in Bedford, NH. His work can be found on his website and at various stores, galleries, and office buildings around NH.

Sanjeev Nandan

I am a self-taught artist driven purely by the passion to create something new and interesting every time I have a blank canvas in front of me.  Every painting is an experiment and a learning experience.  Over the years I have been influenced by various artists and their styles. My creations are original concepts designed by infusing real life subjects with a bit of imagination.  My style has evolved over time but one things has not changed - the paintings are bright and colorful.  I use acrylic pains to give it an almost oil-like effect. Apart from painting, I also love computer aided graphics and 3D modeling - yet another self-driven adventure. I live in Andover, MA with my lovely wife and daughter.  Coincidentally my daughter shares the same passion for art as me.

Claude Nivens

Hsiu Norcott

James O’Donnell

Kirti Patel

I'm a physician and artist. I was born in Gujarat, India, but grew up in New Jersey, and now live in Massachusetts, in a little town with classic New England charm. I enjoy sketching in pencil and with grayscale markers, painting in oil, and photography, especially when I travel. I am mostly self-taught, but I enjoy taking classes and workshops with other artists since I haven't had much formal training. I am inspired by nature, people, travel, and others' beautiful artworks. Painting is a meditative experience for me. I paint scenes I love and enjoy the opportunity to study them in detail over the hours I spend on the works.

Jessica D. Perez

Laura Razor

A New England native, she’s been dabbling in the arts since childhood. Starting off with a pencil and paper, her art had gradually evolved. Versed in drawing/illustration and oil paintings, her true interest remains with both photography and digital art. Wanting to capture what nature had provided most, her photography focuses on landscapes, with the majority of her work revolving around New England iconic scenery. Currently, Ms. Barry is working with the NAAA on its new website design and updating.

Sarah Roche

Rollande Rousselle

Victoria Sager

Monique Sakellarios

Monique creates original oil paintings of landscapes, gardens, and market scenes in the impressionist style. She studied at the Leonardo Da Vinci School of Art, and the American University, both in Cairo, Egypt. Monique exhibits in national competitions and has won numerous awards for her oil paintings. She is a juried member of the New Hampshire Art Association, a Signature Member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, and a Signature Member of Oil Painters of America. Monique’s paintings may be seen in several galleries throughout the US. In addition, Monique has an impressive list of corporate clients.

Lisa Salerno

Lisa K. Salerno is an award-winning mixed media painter who uses layers of bold color, text, and obsessive, repetitive symbolism to explore concepts of love, identity, connection and personal growth. In the span of 20 years Lisa has been a professional artist, she earned her B.F.A. from The Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford, where she studied under NYC painter Pat Lipsky, opened a studio in the Parkville section of Hartford, was selected for residency at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT, and actively participated in many arts related auctions, events, and exhibitions in the U.S. and abroad. After moving to New Hampshire in 2012, Lisa’s sphere of influence grew after she became an active art writer, then an independent art instructor, and a licensed realtor. Her art and writing have been featured in, the London-based publication Niji Magazine, Inigo Online, the Autism Speaks website, the Artful Vagabond, 1340art Magazine, The Connecticut River Review and in many other online and print publications. She was also profiled in the documentary film “The Camino Project” by Emmy-award winning director Robert Abbott. Her works have been acquired and commissioned for inclusion in various private, corporate, and public collections.

Angela Sanscrainte

Angela’s passion is capturing nature and architecture in destinations such as Italy, Ireland, Aruba, and New England. She shoots whatever catches her fancy, be it architecture, nature or random pets. Angela’s works have been shown in several art exhibits in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Donating many of her works to non-profit organizations, Angela has a special interest for our nation’s heroes. Her other love in life is animals which is why for several decades she has been facilitating adoptions and fostering cats and dogs from kill shelters in Louisiana. Most of her profits also go to organizations that focus on rescuing animals. Being one of the founding members of the Windham Actors Guild, she enjoys acting and singing on stage. Angela is now working on two photography book projects as well as her main job, being a phlebotomist at a NH hospital.

Marilene Sawaf

Gregory Searle

Stacy-Ann Searle

Priscilla “Pat” Silva

Pat Cabana Silva was born in Nashua, NH, raised in Tyngsboro, MA., married and returned to Nashua where she has resided for over 50 years. She is a self-taught artist, wife, mother of one and grandmother of one. She is retired from the Nashua School District after 25 years as an administrative assistant. She has always loved the forever changing colors of nature, especially in New England and her “Home away from Home”, beautiful Aruba. Her favorite medium is oils but she also experiments with pastels, watercolor and colored pencils. She has participated in several exhibitions in the Nashua area and is a Board member of the Nashua Area Artists Association having served as Treasurer and President. She has received several awards for her work both locally and nationally and been accepted in juried exhibitions. Her work is exhibited in the ArtHub Gallery in Nashua, NH and in her Etsy Shop. Some of her award-winning pieces can be seen on the website and in her Etsy shop

Artist's Statement My love for Arts and Crafts began at an early age with paper dolls and designing their clothing and creating back grounds for them. I grew up in the small country town of Tyngsboro, MA. along with my 2 sisters and brother. We would often walk in the woods and the colors, shapes and textures of nature always fascinated me. I am still trying to capture that with my paintings. My favorite subjects come from nature. Landscapes and seascapes in New England provide an ever-changing scene to try to paint and the beautiful island of Aruba provides amazing ocean sunrises and sunsets. My first love is oil, but I am always experimenting with other mediums. My subject matter varies including landscapes, seascapes, florals, animals and house commissions. Recently I have experimented with capturing scenes in miniature paintings, (2”x2” up to 4”x4”) and found that I really enjoy capturing the minute details in such a small size. I am a long-time member of the Nashua Area Artists Association in Nashua, NH. and have served on the board as Treasurer and President.

Ann Sobel

Courtney Spence

Courtney is a Massachusetts raised artist. She took her first community ceramics class in 2019 and has had her hands in clay ever since. She loves experimenting with organic forms and creating pottery inspired by the earth. In the garden or at the studio, Courtney is happiest with some form of dirt in her hands.

Carla Sullivan

I see things differently than most and refer to myself as a Pajama Artist…. I love waking up to a brand new day of possibilities. With comfy clothes, coffee in hand, I head to my backyard studio, to create, revive and bring to life a new piece of art. My love in finding inspiration in old, run down, rusty vintage items has always been a passion of mine. Customizing signs and sculptures for clients from family heirlooms, like Grandma’s meat grinder, which is now a rotating “Mantel Moose” or Grandpa’s old tools that are now welded together to spell the family name. My reward is knowing when a piece is done.  I stand back, lay down my helmet, torch and tools, and for now, the world is as it should be.  Something old and forgotten, meant for the junk pile, now has new life.

Galina Szakacz

I was born and raised in Moldova when it was part of the former Soviet Union. After Moldova achieved its independence in 1993, I immigrated to the United States, settling with other members of my family here in New England.

My professional career includes 20 years as a biochemist at Pfizer and more recently as a Leadership Coach, working with corporations and non-profit organizations. I serve on the boards of both Symphony NH and United Way of Greater Nashua. I am passionate about giving back to the community. You can read more here about my charitable giving.

Now mostly retired, I am able to focus my energy on creating new clay designs - unless the poodles, Yogi, Corey & Dasher, have their way!! They are highly intelligent, funny and energetic and keep us on our toes every day.

All of these experiences with people, places and cultures influence my art, resulting in many different "conversations" with my clay. Some pieces evoke memories of hand woven rugs found in Moldova, while others depict the colors, sights and delights of my life today in New Hampshire.

I hope my art resonates with you and helps you continue the conversation!

Mary Tanzer

 I am a primarily self-taught ceramic and multimedia artist.  I enjoy exploring new textures and forms, often incorporating a patchwork approach to my design.  I create functional as well as decorative items with an emphasis on colorplay.

Michael James Toomy

Pop Artist Michael James Toomy paintings possess a humanity and sensitivity rarely seen in contemporary art, giving a serious thought-provoking edge to his pop art style. His "Innocence" series of paintings convey the images of everyday people in extraordinary circumstances. Toomy has been painting and drawing since he was a child, but has received little professional artistic schooling, with the exception of some Saturday classes at the MFA Boston and continuing art education classes over the years. As a young man Michael spent several years as musician and songwriter and was heavily influenced by the power and ability of great songwriters to pen lyrics that listeners can identify with their own experiences, their past, or dreams. Michael has been involved with the Live Nations Rock & Art Charity Event in Boston, Massachusetts. where his portrait of musician Mark Knopfler was sold on-the-spot to the actress Glenn Close. He also created the Throwaway for Amnesty International Chapter, The Boston Firefly Project. Michael currently lives and works from his studio in New Hampshire. Michael’s work has been featured in galleries and numerous group and solo shows. The artist currently works out of his studio in New Hampshire with his wife and 2 children. See his web site at

Robert Walrath

I'm a child psychologist moving into photography, a life long interest, as I move towards retirement.

Trevor Ward

I work on my oil paintings out of my studio in Merrimack, NH. My style is detailed realism, I paint a variety of subjects including landscapes, seascapes, and still life. I have also done some watercolors and animal portraits. I am mostly self taught, but I was very fortunate to be able to study for a few years with famous New Hampshire realist artist James Aponovich when he had studios in Nashua NH in the Chase building and then later at the Manchester Institute of Art.

John Albert Webster

Steven White

I am a recovering addict. I have been taking photos since I was 10 years of age. My first camera was a Polaroid Instant. I have no formal schooling in the field of photography, just a natural eye. Within the last year I have become a GettyImages contributor and started an online business with the assistance of my roommate who is a schooled fashion designer. I am looking to learn as much as possible from others and desire to use my photography as a way of reaching others that may have or may be struggling with finding their own true calling. I photograph many different types or styles of subjects that interest me. Most of what I shoot is in a natural setting. I enjoy capturing the things that most people just walk by unnoticed, or from angles that others do not shoot from.  This is what sets me aside or apart from others. I shoot with both my iPhone 7 Plus, Nikon 750 Full frame with a Tamron SP 24-70 f/2.8 Lens and my DJI MAVIC Air.

Harriet Winchester

Liz Winchester-Larson

Deb Wolf

Deb Wolf, owner of DWolf Designs Fine Art is a Painter and mixed media artist from Massachusetts. Her work is comprised of primarily land and seascapes in and around New England as well as other regions of the US.  Deb has recently taken her work a step further by designing frames from scratch using repurposed distressed wood.  Many of her pieces are inspired by photos taken while hiking out west or passing through a small rural town.  Matching the frames with her paintings give it a rustic country feel which is most appealing to her.   DWolf Designs can ship anywhere in the US, Canada and graciously accepts custom commissions.  She can also be found at seasonal art shows around the New England region.

Lydia Yates

Painter, pet and nature photographer, crystal jewelry, paracord dog gear, pen art, and sketching.

Katarina Young