Brett Gordon

I live in southern New Hampshire, an hour from the beaches and two hours from the White Mountain National Forest; two areas rich in landscape and seascape that any artist would love to frequent with a bag lunch, a paint box, a sketchpad, a couple canvases, and several hours of decent light… I’ve been an artist for over forty years and have been drawing ever since I can remember (starting with a clown in ‘Magic Marker’ under my parent’s coffee table when I was four 🙂 My greatest influences are New England’s four beautiful seasons and the availability of the ocean, lakes, woods, cities, and rich history. Artistically, I must tip my hat to the early influences of Frazetta’s use of vivid color and imaginative geometric composition; Monet’s surrealism; Homer’s economic use of color (and time when painting on the spot), and myriad painters past and present and too numerous to count. My personal philosophy on art (and certainly not an original one) is that art must follow the rules of good artistic principles in order to be tastefully executed, i.e. an understanding of values, tones, composition, etc. With this, I believe anyone can be an artist, although talent helps. I primarily paint in oil, watercolor, and ink – watercolor brings me the most joy – especially when I know that I have a subject that is special to me. I only paint what I want. I hope you like what I paint too 🙂