Ekaterina Klevtsova


Allow me to introduce myself briefly.

I am a human, who happens to be channeling beauty of the Universe to canvas and photo paper (or should I say raw files in the age of digital photography). I was born in St- Petersburg, the one of the most artistic cities in the world.  I was born in the family of physicians, who deeply believed were that art itself would not sustain or provide for living, but it is necessary to build a broadly educated and fully developed human being.

I started to draw and paint in a very early age, but I always felt somehow “predestined” to be a doctor. An I became one… Twice. First in Russia, and then all over again here, in the US. I feel that medicine is an underestimated brunch of art, which allows to heal not only bodies, but also the souls.

My passion to VISUAL art has been boiling in me for my whole life, and finally, I decided to let it out. I do not have any formal art education except 10-week acrylic painting course, which I took at the beginning of 2020. I am still learning. Every day. And further I go with a brush and easel, more I feel that that our world is the most beautiful place in the whole Universe. I feel that if I could inspire a single person with what I capture in my works, I may call call my day completed.  www.dragonflyanddragon.com