Gail Allen

Gail was born and raised in Western Massachusetts, spending her formative years outdoors, drawing and painting the surrounding farms gardens and forests, developing a deep connection to natural environments. She pursued her love of art with a traditional art training at Paier College of Art, ultimately spending many years as an art director and illustrator in the Boston, Massachusetts and New Hampshire area, while continuing to paint. Her long painting career has produced many series, done in different styles, which she believes is an important element of her growth as an artist. This was essential in her development of a personal symbolic language which she uses in every painting.

As a lifelong gardener and outdoor enthusiast, she believe our connection to nature is fundamental to our health, wellbeing and our understanding of who we are. Her representational paintings and drawings reflect upon to our current societal relationship to the environment we live in. They are often large and meant to encompass the viewer, taking them on a journey which brings them up close and personal with nature’s elements, ultimately, illuminating the interaction of reality and perception, at a given moment in time.

Her current, newest series of surrealistic figural paintings is based upon her life experiences, using her personal symbolism, as it interpreted from many diverse cultures. These often also incorporate natural elements, with a tendency towards psychological evaluation of a moment in time.