Barbara Bevins

I am a self taught acrylic landscape artist inspired by my time hiking and backpacking. I am moved by nature, particularly the White Mountains and Appalachian trail. I’ve recently been working to expand my artwork by exploring with oil paints, and am looking to try … Continue readingBarbara Bevins

David Bower

One adult education class years ago at the Merrimack High School in NH and I became hooked on wood turning. It’s definitely a good form of stress relief and I enjoy making one of a kind creations. I usually start out with a generic plan … Continue readingDavid Bower

Nancy Christopher

I have been painting off and on since the age of twelve, always hoping to spend more time toward my passion and that someday I would be considered an artist. I am self-taught and have played with many mediums but find oil to be my … Continue readingNancy Christopher

Lisa Ciaccia   I’m a self-taught artist working in acrylics and instant coffee. My  studio is located in the beautiful town of New Boston in NH. Although I paint a multitude of different subject matter, my preferred is landscapes and seascapes. I paint many subjects using … Continue readingLisa Ciaccia

Darryle Cockerham

I’m currently involved in color field painting and exploring implied three dimensional space using two dimensional shapes using color theory and the golden ratio. Philosophically, I’m currently interested in the middle-ground between the lightness of joy and the darkness of melancholy. My work is intended … Continue readingDarryle Cockerham

Priscilla Colón

Priscilla Colón, a Taíno Indigenous artist, teacher, and linguist, combines her love for visual art and languages to reconnect with her Indigenous heritage. Drawing inspiration from her home garden, nature walks, and summer excursions, she employs charcoal and pastels as her preferred mediums, immersing herself … Continue readingPriscilla Colón