Exhibiting Policy


The following are guidelines to be followed by the Exhibit Committee Chairs for the following exhibit spaces:

Blue Zone

Courtyard by Marriott Nashua

Expert Design Solutions

Pheasant Lane Mall

All exhibiting artists need to sign the 2D Artist Contract as provided under each specific exhibit under the Exhibit Info tab or under the Forms section.  An artist needs to sign one time annually for showing at any of the exhibit venues.

All Exhibit Committee Chairs need to sign a hold harmless agreement with the facility in which the exhibit is located exonerating the facility from liability regarding the exhibit IF said facility requires such.  (The Courtyard at Marriott Nashua and the Pheasant Lane Mall are the only ones with a signed agreement – agreement only needs to be done once at the beginning of the exhibit as a whole)

All exhibits are open to members and non-members with the following guidelines in place.

  • Members are free to participate in any exhibit space
  • Non-members are to pay a Ten Dollar ($10.00) per piece fee to participate in said exhibit
  • A Thirty Percent (30%) commission is applicable on all sales made at the above-mentioned exhibit spaces.
  • All artwork tags need to be made by the NAAA for consistency purposes. 
  • Information for the tags are as follows:

Artist Name

Title of Artwork

Medium used

Price (Exception is Expert Design Solutions – no price on tag)

The artwork tags can be completed by the exhibit Chair using the template under “forms” under the Exhibit Info tab.  If the chair wishes, the tags can be done by Pat Silva or Jacqueline Barry who will input the information as required above, print and cut to size and left at the office at 60 Main Street, Nashua the day before the exhibit installation.

Any person participating in an exhibit who cancels within fourteen (14) days of the exhibit hanging will not be able to participate in any exhibit rotation for six (6) months unless the reason for cancellation is for illness or other reason at the discretion of the Chair.  (The 6-month ban is basically the current rotation and the following rotation).  Removal of artwork prior to end of the exhibit is up to the discretion of the exhibit committee chair and may be subject to revocation of membership if no prior approval is acquired.