Code of Conduct

Board members and members shall treat each other with respect and courtesy and as equals entitled to the same rights.

In order to best serve the membership of the Nashua Area Artists’ Association, members must provide assistance and support to one another, and work together to accomplish their common goals.


Debate is an essential feature of democratic government and, as such, requires clarity and honesty on the part of each speaker and attentiveness on the part of all members.

Indecent, vulgar or disorderly language is always inappropriate and demeans the entire Board.

While it is always proper to question or condemn the nature or consequences of a proposed measure, it is never proper to question the motives or good faith of that measure’s proponents or opponents.

Each member is responsible for the behavior of his or her fellow members, since inappropriate behavior which goes unchallenged reflects badly on the entire Board.

The Nashua Area Artists’ Association’s membership attending or participating at meetings and hearings shall be treated with respect and courtesy in accordance with this section.