Lyphos Center

Lyphos Center (formerly Blue Zone) is an ongoing rotation exhibit.   If you are interested in participating in this exhibit and would like further information, please contact:
Teresa Moler —
  • Lyphos Center rotation drop-offs are located within Lyphos Center, 29 Riverside Street, Unit B, Nashua, New Hampshire.
  • Deadline to register is midnight two (2) days prior to drop-off date.
  • Register for each exhibit (below) – registration is required since it will be used to jury, create inventory, artwork tags and allow the art to be sold online, PLEASE SUBMIT A QUALITY PHOTO OF YOU WORK FOR SALE ONLINE.  (Photo of framed work should be taken prior to framing for optimal quality).
  • Fee:  Submitted at drop-off.  See below for details.


  • Open to all members of the Nashua Area Artists’ Association working in any form of 2-D media as well as non-members subject to a ten ($10.00) dollar per piece installation fee.
  • Work submitted must be original or, if a PRINT of original artwork, it must be marked as such and have been completed by the participating artist only.  Photography is considered a Print.
  • No early removal of artwork allowed UNLESS the item is sold.


  • Artists may submit FOUR (4) entries for each of the three-month exhibits.
  • As this is a new exhibit, we will limit the number of artists exhibiting to eight (8) until we see how it goes.
  • All work must be hand delivered to Lyphos Center, 29 Riverside Street, Unit B, Nashua, New Hampshire on the given date for each rotation.  Other arrangements may be made by contacting Teresa Moler (
  • Size Requirements:  None
  • Must be framed or canvas wrapped.
  • Must be completely secured for hanging/installation in the gallery.
  • All should be ready to hang with wire installed.
    • Wire should be installed approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of the way from the top of frame on the back (NO saw-tooth hangers, keyhole hangers, etc.).
    • Wire must be tautly and securely installed.
    • Works on paper must be under glass (or plexiglass).
  • Include placard on back of work, include artist name, title, medium, and price.
  • IF entries are NOT ready-to-hang, they may be dismissed from the show. The NAAA reserves the right to defer entries deemed inappropriate for a public place.
  • Packaging is up to the artists as they will be taking the packaging with them after the installation of the exhibit and are expected to pick up the artwork at the designated date and time once the exhibits has been taken down.


  • NAAA – Members: No fee and there is a 30% commission 
  • Non-Members:  Ten ($10.00) Dollar fee per piece and there is a 30% commission


Artists will be notified by email of drop-off times and date.  Drop-off is located at Lyphos Center (formerly Blue Zone), 29 Riverside Street, Unit B, Nashua, New Hampshire.  Any changes will be noted in the newsletter

If this is the first time exhibiting with the Nashua Area Artists Association, please sign the Artist Contract:  2D Artist Contract

Also, please review our exhibiting policies:  Exhibiting Policies

Remember to bring the signed contract with you at the time of rotation drop-off AND fee, if applicable!!