Tracie Jenkins

As an artist I find inspiration in the silent narratives of discarded, damaged or unloved books.  My creative process is driven by a reverence for the stories these books once held and the desire to breath new life into their pages. 

I believe old books are not relics of the past but rather raw materials waiting to be transformed. Each book is like a block of marble, filled with potential, waiting for my hands to sculp it into something new and meaningful.  Just as a sculptor shapes clay into a work of art, I mold these forgotten volumes into fresh vibrant creations.

Through my work, I am honoring the legacy of the written word while offering a fresh perspective on its enduring power. By repurposing old books, I hope to spark curiosity and inspire creativity and the endless possibilities for reinvention.

Ultimately my goal is to evoke joy and wonder in fellow book lovers, collectors, and artist alike. I invite viewers to rediscover the beauty and magic of storytelling through my transformed creations, and to join me in celebrating the timeless allure of the printed page.